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Southern Indiana Mentoring Partnership

A collaborative partnership that promotes and that encourages mentoring so young people succeed in life.

It is our vision that all youth have the opportunity of a relationship with a caring and involved mentor.

We seek to accomplish this vision through strategies that are simple, yet critical:

  • Expanding and increasing public involvement and awareness of the need and benefits of youth mentoring,
  • Increasing the number of mentors for young people in our Southern Indiana communities,
  • Facilitating community collaborations and investments in mentoring and,
  • Providing resources for organizations and people interested in mentoring.

The most important resource you have is time. And quality time with a caring adult can make a lasting difference in a young person’s life. Every youth deserves a better hour with a caring adult. When you become a mentor, you will give our next generation the support and encouragement they need to excel in life. By your presence in their life for one hour each week for one year, you can:

  • Improve academic and study skills
  • Help a youth discover new talents and ambitions
  • Provide moral support and confidence
  • Change a young person’s life for the better


  • Research and experience have shown that people who succeed have had at least one significant adult who cared about them. In many cases the adult was a family member. However, with the breakdown of family structures we need to find other ways to get caring adults in the lives of children.
  • Mentoring is a proven, cost efficient and effective method of helping young people, particularly those at-risk.
  • In a research independent survey, the 93% of the mentoring programs in the state of Indiana responded that the work of the Indiana Mentoring Partnership is needed.
  • The Mentoring Partnership is an affiliate of the MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership, collaborating with 30 State and local offices to share experiences, resources and expertise to further the initiative of quality mentoring.