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The Indiana Youth Institute is an advocate for healthy youth development in Indiana.  Its mission is to promote the healthy development of Indiana children and youth by serving the people, institutions, and communities that impact their well being.  The vision of IYI is that all Indiana children and youth will obtain five critical elements of healthy youth development:  physical health and safety, emotional fulfillment, academic achievement, civic engagement, and economic self-sufficiency.

The Indiana Mentoring Partnership is a program of the IYI that empowers youth champions to expand and deliver quality mentoring to meet the needs of communities across Indiana.  The Partnership seeks to accomplish this by: expand public awareness of the need and benefits of youth mentoring, facilitate community collaborations and investments in mentoring and by providing technical assistance and trainings that is aligned with the Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards.  Visit to find all the resources and links to learn more about mentoring and how to get involved.

We have 168 hours in a week – let's make one hour A Better Hour in the life of a youth.